Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Disappointing At Retail

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was released during the last week of September. This was developer Neversoft‘s last shot at the long-running series, since publisher Activision had handed the reigns over to the team at Vicarious Visions. But it looks like Neversoft’s final gig in the series may have been its most disappointing.

According to a report on CVG, Doug Creutz, analyst from Cowen & Company has reported that during the last five days of the month that the game was available for purchase, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock sold only 86,000 copies. As our review of the game indicates, the game just did not do enough to reinvigorate the series, and we are not the only ones who feel that way – consumers have spoken with their wallets. What does the series have to do in order to stay relevant? That is the multimillion dollar question.