Experience MotioninJoy and Play PC Games with the DualShock 3

Those who have connected their DualShock 3 to a PC in an effort to play computer games know just how frustrating it has been in the past. In most cases, it is required that the user executes the DualShock 3 drivers and calibrate everytime the the controller is connected. In some other cases, Windows 7 users haven’t been able to use the drivers at all. That all comes to an end today with

MotioninJoy’s developer has announced that he has obtained Microsoft certification and as a result his controller software is fully supported now. The MotioninJoy software is simple to use and even supports Bluetooth assuming you have a dongle connected via USB. If you’re interested in this software, both the x64 and x86 versions (64-bit and 32-bit respectively) are available below:

MotioninJoy x64 (64-bit) Driver: here

MotioninJoy x86 (32-bit) Driver: here

If you don’t know which version you need, go to Start -> Control Panel -> System and look for your “System type”.