Pigsy’s Perfect 10 Coming to Enslaved, DLC Adds Premium 3D Support

October 29, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

The secondary porcine protagonist Pigsy will playable in the upcoming downloadable content for this month’s fresh title Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. But along with an entirely new side-story, it’s going to bring a technical update too.

While the DLC for Enslaved was announced before the game was even released, the only thing known about it was that it would be about the hoggish figure shown above. Namco Bandai has given out a press release detailing what the new expansion will contain. “Pigsy’s Perfect 10” will be completely separate from the narrative of the retail game but the article doesn’t specify if the events will take place before, during, or after the main story of the game. They do however offer some interesting bits of what the gameplay will entail.

Pigsy, the comical porcine character known for his one-line zingers and questionable hygiene, finally gets his time in the spotlight. The Titan Graveyard is a lonely place and Pigsy really needs some companionship beyond the mechs that roam the area. He dreams of the perfect woman and embarks on a mission to build one from scratch using scrap parts he finds around the junkyard. In contrast to the main game which features strong, capable Monkey as the playable character, Pigsy is much more of a lover than a fighter. Pigsy’s gameplay will have a completely different gameplay dynamic, with a focus on stealth and sharp-shooting. He has plenty of tricks up his sleeves including a far-reaching hookshot, trusty sniper rifle, various grenades and devices, Trouble Vision eye piece and the aid of his trusty mechanical sidekick Truffles.

In addition to the new chapter for the title, the DLC will also include 3D support for Pigsy’s Perfect 10 and retail portion of Enslaved.  The new tech shift will be powered by TriOviz® for Games Technology, providing 3D for enabled stereoscopic televisions AND stereo 3D normal television sets. But wait? “How is that possible” you ask? TriOviz is the same company that pioneered the 3D technology found in Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition.

But this 3D update will ONLY be available to those who purchase Pigsy’s Perfect 10. There will be no free 3D update for those people who do not wish to buy the game’s expansion. Will this be a new trend? Publishers deciding to hold back on 3D support at release, only to charge for it at a later date. Let’s just hope that this game will be the exception, and not become the rule. The DLC will be released later this year for a price of $9.99.

Still not sure about the game? Personally, I think it’s something that you should try. But don’t take my word for it. Check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of the game.