PS3: It Only Does How-To Videos

November 2, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

While most hardcore gamers are familiar with a lot of the features and capabilities of the PlayStation 3, the release of the PlayStation Move is an obvious push toward a new demographic. But how do you teach all those new consumers?

The PS3 has always been thought of as more an “entertainment hub” than merely a gaming console. First it was the inclusion of Blu-Ray, and now it’s the premier destination for Netflix Instant Streaming and the only console with Hulu Plus. But new console owners may not be familiar with all different functions. PlayStation Network director Susan Panico says that Sony is in the process of making the PSN store a much more user-friendly environment.

“[We are] creating educational videos that will be a great welcome kit for people that are coming to the PS3 and the PlayStation Network, [which aim to] really walk them through all the advantages you get from the PlayStation Network. [The videos] “will answer questions like, ‘How do I have Netflix movies stream on my PS3?And it will certainly talk about original content available. That’s something that’s really important to us — to make sure people understand from the get-go how to find all this great content.

These new tutorial videos will be on both the XMB as well as the internet. Where it will go on the console itself however is still up for debate. Hopefully it’ll be in a place that’s easy to find. I mean, how many people want to watch a How-To video about “How to Find the ‘How-To’ Videos?”