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Best Buy Cuts the PSPgo Price for THIS Weekend Only

Even after the PSPgo’s price drop early last week, a lot of people still thought it wasn’t enough. “Too little, too late,” they said. Best Buy is testing out the waters to see if a cheaper version is even MORE enticing.

Is a $150 price point enough to get you to buy the PSPgo? That’s what Best Buy is hoping. The retailer is starting their early early Christmas shopping sales and this weekend has Sony’s digital portable on sale for $50 less than the recently price-dropped MSRP. There are still plenty of great games that are available on the PSN Store to check out, so you should definitely consider this deal! Don’t like Best Buy? Print out this page and see if any other retailer does will honor the price match. This sale is only available on Friday and Saturday, so make up your mind quick!