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Valkyria Chronicles 3 Producer Doesn’t Hate the PS3

When Valkyria Chronicles 3 was announced for the PSP, many fans were upset. Given the masterpiece that was Valkyria Chronicles, it was surprising that the series wouldn’t be returning to the PS3. Discussion around Valkyria 3, even when extremely positive and praising of the title, always ended with one question: Why on the PSP?  Shinji Motoyama, Valkyria 3 Producer, discussed why he chose the PSP at a demo event held for the title at Sega’s Haneda headquarters—and it had nothing to do with hatred for the PS3.

Motoyama-san was questioned during a fan Q&A on why the move to the PSP and he had this to say:

I personally don’t have any likes or hates when it comes to hardware.

He added that “…because the first Valkyria was released on PS3 players want another one on the system.” Motoyama-san then revealed more of his true feelings on why he isn’t ready to return to the PS3 just yet:

However, I want to say one thing: as developers we absolutely did not want to make a PS3 version that simply reused the materials and engine from part 1.

Motoyama-san evidently wants to deliver quality and do something different which isn’t a bad thing. Hopefully since he specifically mentioned “reused materials” he’s planning a new engine for the PS3 and another title in the Valkyria series. Either way, it’s reassuring that he didn’t completely rule the PS3 out as a future development platform.