Sony Wants the Nintendo 3DS to Succeed

November 5, 2010Written by Max Murray

Peter Dille, SCE’s Senior Vice President of Marketing may have sent out a small scale shockwave in terms of one of his products’ biggest competitors; earnestly wishing it success before it has even hit shelves.

Speaking with Siliconera in an interview, Dille stated that the Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation 3 share a common feature in consumer entertainment: 3D. The success of one will inevitably lead to a heightened interest in other 3D devices on the market. When asked how he feels about the Nintendo’s step in the 3D world, Dille spoke pleasantly of the different direction the two companies were headed:

“Our perspective is they are doing something different and that’s what Nintendo does. They’ve got their own view, Sony has their own view. Our hope is they do it well because we’re big advocates of 3D. We need consumers to have good 3D experiences.”

In this one way, Dille sees the importance of two of the largest video game companies working together, rather than in direct competition.

“I actually haven’t seen much of their technology. I know people are excited about it. I’ve heard a little bit that if you move your head a certain way you might lose the image. I just hope they do a great job, building a great 3D platform so people are interested in other 3D platforms. Because, collectively, we need to make sure a consumer has a good experience with 3D however they’re experiencing it so they have an interest in more 3D.”