GameInformer Labels Kratos and Nathan Drake as Defining Characters of a Decade

November 6, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

The PlayStation brand has been home to many distinct and memorable mascots ranging in age, size, and personality. Sony has managed to build an empire over the past 15 years that spans many genres – from action with God of War, to adventure with Uncharted. The glowing appeal of these defining characters have been immortalized in history with GameInformer’s latest publication.

GameInformer has revealed the cover art spreads for its December issue, and they’re quite the sight. The special article for the magazine is titled “Top 30 Characters Who Defined A Decade”, and judging by the three cover arts drawn by Sam Spratt, Kratos, Nathan Drake, Auron, Ethan Mars, and a few other special PlayStation characters made the list, and rightfully so. Time sure flies, but these legends will forever live on.

The three cover art spreads can be seen on the cover of the December issue which will be available within the week.

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