New PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

November 6, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

There has been no shortage of accessories for the PlayStation Move since its release back in September. CTA Digital stands among a select few manufacturers that have been providing some additional ways to enjoy Sony’s latest product. Now CTA Digital is adding a racing wheel to its wide line-up of assault rifles and charging docks.

CTA Digital has announced the next addition to its wide selection of PlayStation Move accessories. This time around it’s aimed at racing fans and utilizes a Move controller housing to simulate a racing wheel. The wheel can dock either the Move or DualShock controller and uses suction cups to mount the device to a flat surface. In my experience, this doesn’t work too well, and the mounts for Logitech’s products are generally superior to the rest of the pack. However, while a price nor release date have been announced for this new racing wheel, chances are it’ll be very affordable.

Images of the product can be seen below: