Cambridge Studios Working On “A New Game In A High Profile, Multi-Million Selling Franchise” For PS3

While it has been rumored for a while that Sony’s Cambridge Studios are working on a PlayStation 3 game, what that title actually is remains unknown, with some people speculating that the developer is working on a new Move game for the casual market. Now, a job listing has emerged that has revealed that Cambridge Studios are working on “a new game in a high profile, multi-million selling franchise”.

The game is most certainly on the PS3 rather than the PSP, with the job requiring applicants to be “experienced in PS3 programming”. But what game could the BAFTA award winning studio be developing? Many would say that the most likely game is a new addition to the MediEvil series, which the developer is most well known for – something that was rumored by PSM3 magazine a couple months back.

However, while Medievil was a classic title that garnered a cult following, it wasn’t a huge success, so calling it a “high profile, multi-million selling franchise” could be a bit of a stretch. Another game the studio is possible working on is The Getaway, initially developed by Sony’s London Studios, the third game in the high selling series was put on hold mid-way through development on the PS3 – could Cambridge Studios have picked up where they left off?

Other large franchises that have yet to hit the PS3 include Syphon Filter, but that game is heavily rumored to be in development by Sony Bend, or Destruction Derby, a UK franchise which had 3 platinum selling games and so could be considered a “multi-million selling franchise”.

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