Codemasters Lay’s Out Release Window for Next Few Years

November 10, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Codemasters has developed some key gaming franchise’s in the last few years, with DIRT, GRID and Operation Flashpoint. Well today the publisher’s CEO, Rod Cousens, told Eurogamer of their release strategy for their next sequels.

The first game Cousens talked about was the new Operation Flashpoint: Red River, and their reasons for waiting till a little later in 2011:

I don’t think it does any good to publish in a congested period when everyone’s putting out their shooters,

A number of leading companies have their fiscal year ends around that time, and so they’ll be firing heavyweights in terms of their product releases to give as much boost to their fiscal year end as they possibly can.

That’s not a window I want to go out in. It will be between 1st April and the end of June.

Cousens also revealed that fans of the DIRT series should be expecting the new sequel during the same time frame. He also explained how they want to keep changing the series:

What we’re not going to do is do more of the same with each rendition of the game. There is a lot more to it.

Let’s put it into context. It’s from probably the finest racing studio in the world. It’s between us and the Need for Speed guys, and I would argue we’re better.

For those anticipating the follow up to GRID Cousens lets us in on the reason it won’t be coming out till 2012:

We’re not difficult to predict. If DiRT comes out next year, GRID will come out the following year, and then DiRT will be out the year after that. So you can map us out.

Sitting alongside that will be F1 every year. Flashpoint we’ll do every other year. The idea is to come up with a new IP that sits in opposite years to each other, but we’re in the racing segment and the action segment.

So you can pretty much lay out my business plan for the next five years.

So looks like fans of Codemasters will have a lot to look forward to over the next two years.