Prince of Persia Coming Stateside Exclusively on the PSN

November 16, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

Prince of Persia

With the early October announcement of the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time HD & 3D trilogy coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 on one Blu-Ray disc in the PAL regions only, the US felt a little left out. Don’t worry American gamers! Your fear has been for naught.

While it won’t be coming on a single disc compilation, the Prince of Persia Trilogy will be releasing exclusively on the PlayStation Network in the United States. Each of the three games will be sold at $14.99 on the PlayStation Store, with the first game, the Sands of Time coming out… later today! You read that right! Warrior Within and The Two Thrones will be arriving on the store in December.

Thought of as the inspiration on the current generation’s Assassin’s Creed, this Prince of Persia trilogy was an instant classic that has stuck with the hearts of gamers over the last seven years. Featuring some of the most beautiful acrobatic platforming and the novel time reversal technique, players can relive this epic tale in remastered 720p High Definition and eye-popping 3D. No announcement has been made for a PSN bundle for the three games, so keep your fingers crossed if you are hoping for that.

The disc-compilation of The Prince of Persia Trilogy should be coming out by the end of this week in the PAL territories for those on the other side of the Atlantic, but there is no word if the games will be available on the European PSN.


According to Ubisoft Nordic’s Facebook page, Prince of Persia HD will also be releasing on the EU PSN: The Sands of Time will come out on November 18, Warrior Within on December 15, The Two Thrones on December 22.