PSP2 Dev Kit Supposedly Leaked, Not Final Design

The PSP2 may be far away from any official announcement, but rumors have been easy to come by for a very long time. Now, pictures from what is said to be a PSP2 dev kit have hit the ‘net, showing one thing that everyone has been asking for: two analog sticks…

Also revealed in the pics leaked from VG247, the unit has front and rear facing cameras, two analog sticks, a D-pad, face buttons, and a touch/track pad on the rear of the unit (just as recent rumors foretold).

The supposed dev kit looks strikingly similar to a PSPgo with the face-buttons sliding under the screen, though, it’s said that isn’t the final design and the unit may have been changed to a form factor much more similar to the PSP-3000 to avoid overheating issues.

The last tidbit of information is that the PSP2 is heading for a 2011 release date. So it seems it still be a ways off before we see an official reveal. E3 anyone?

We’ll be sure to update you if any additional information turns up.