Batman: Arkham City Set For World Premiere

After the phenomenal success of Batman: Arkham Asylum – both critically and commercially – Batman: Arkham City is set to receive a world premiere at the SpikeTV Video Game Awards show.

The hotly anticipated sequel has already been showcased in the form of screenshots, but the world premiere for the game should give gamers a better insight of the title – most likely in trailer form. The news was revealed via a tweet of the host of the show, Geoff Keighley:

First 2: VGAs to feature world premieres of BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY and the unveiling of the next game from BioWare.

Batman: Arkham City was revealed during last year’s show and later was given its official Arkham City game title. The game’s currently scheduled for a release next Fall.

The VGAs will be held on December 11th.