LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean set to Build on PS3 and PSP

If you are a popular movie series then you have a great shot of becoming a LEGO game. Just ask Pirates of the Caribbean, the latest movie trilogy to be lending its scripts and characters to the LEGO universe. Disney has announced LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean for the PS3 and PSP, along with other systems and it will be releasing in May of 2011.

The game will look to recapture the magic and memorable moments from the movies with over 70 playable characters, 20 levels and 2 player co-op.

Graham Hopper, GM and EVP of Disney had high praise for the collaboration.

“Pirates of the Caribbean is a globally successful franchise based in action, adventure and humor perfectly suited for a LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game adaptation.”

The game will be releasing alongside the next movie in the series, On Stranger Tides. No screenshots were included with the announcement but we are sure they will pop up soon. Until then, imagine Captain Jack Sparrow as a LEGO.