Def Jam Rapstar Gets Poppin’ With Some Upcoming DLC

November 20, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Def Jam Rapstar delivered a solid hip-hip karaoke experience when it debuted last month, but many felt that the track list could have included a few more beats. There’s only one solution for that problem: downloadable content.

In the near future, Def Jam Rapstar will be seeing some additional DLC, and this time around five new tracks will be blaring on the speakers. All five tracks are listed below:

  • Eve – “Who’s’ That Girl”
  • Just Blaze – “Cape Kingz Anthem” (Freestyle beat)
  • Kanye West – “Jesus Walks”
  • Nitti – “Robbin Cru” (Freestyle beat)
  • Young Money – “Every Girl”

The added songs should be a good addition to the line-up, but none of them seem particularly outstanding. The addition of both songs and freestyle beats is a nice gesture, though. While no date for the DLC has been specified, we’ll be sure to alert you here on PlayStation LifeStyle as soon as that information becomes available.