Dynasty Warriors 7 Recruits 3D into Massive Battles along with DLC

Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series has battled many warriors over the years since its first appearance on the original PlayStation as a fighting game. Since then the series has grown to include various different types of warriors, including the mighty mecha mobile suits known as Gundam. Dynasty Warriors 7 is set to unleash the latest war for China sometime next year and for those of you who happen to have own a 3DTV, you’re going to watch to check this version out, fan of the series or not.

Koei Tecmo confirmed that Dynasty Warriors 7 will be the first entry in the series to be presented in stereoscopic 3D upon release in 2011. They also confirmed that the title will have DLC, yet didn’t give any details, however seeing that the game has a roster of 60 characters, a few more combatants never hurt anyone.

What do you think, fellow Dynasty Warriors fan? Will the Seventh numbered-title in the series bring enough originality to the series will this simply be another mindless hack-n-slash game with the option to battle in 3D? Let us know what you think in the comments below!