Kaz Unsure Whether Gran Turismo 6 Will Release on PS3

After years of development, the latest iteration in Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo series has finally been released. Although all the attention may be on Gran Turismo 5 the franchise’s creator is unsure on Gran Turismo 6‘s future with the legendary developer saying it’s too hard to predict the future.

During the Gran Turismo 5 launch in Madrid, Kazunori Yamauchi told Eurogamer:

“10 years ago it was easier to predict what would happen three years in the future. Nowadays no-one knows what happens in the future. In three years, we don’t know what will happen.”

Upon being pressed more on more information in regards to whether Gran Turismo 6 would not arrive onto the PlayStation 3, Yamauchi is described as having to “laughed and shrugged”. Also, the famed developer assured players that the studio plan to upgrade the game “every week, every month”. In addition, Kaz continued to address the concerns on the game’s multiplayer component saying: “online updates are planned of course for leaderboards and matchmaking – [they’re] all planned in the process of evolution”.

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