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Research PS3 titles with Cedemo App

November 25, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Finding gaming details while on the go just became a little easier. Cedemo recently launched an app for both iPhone and Android that aims to give gamers more insight into potential purchases while on the go.

Dubbed “The Video Game Scanner”, Cedemo’s app allows users to scan UPC barcodes of games, and pull up information such as screenshots, videos and Facebook links. Cedemo also allows users to search directly by title, and has content broken up by the following:

  • Top 10
  • Hot
  • Oldies

After using the app it certainly has promise. If the developer can include links to reviews, aggregate scores and impressions, it could become a real contender. Take a look for yourself at my Cedemo adventures below and give it a try for the whooping price of free.