Multiplayer DLC Sneaking Its Way Into Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

After Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood‘s impressive release, publisher Ubisoft has announced that the multiplayer-focused title will be receiving its first downloadable content pack next month.

The DLC–which is scheduled for a release on December 14th, 2010–is entitled Animus Project Update 1.0. The multiplayer pack will see the inclusion of an all-new game mode as well as a new map for Brotherhood’s multiplayer component.

On top of the original Alliance Mode, the new game mode is aptly named Advanced Alliance with the mode adding target identification and more. Advanced Alliance will be playable by three teams with two players within each team.

The new multiplayer map, Mont Saint-Michel, is located on a “rocky tidal island of Normandy in France”. Narrow streets, tall bell towers and more makes it a perfect map for players to use the environment and surroundings to their advantage.