Two Core Move Titles in Development at THQ

November 30, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

The PlayStation Move looks to be getting some love from developer THQ soon as the wonderful world of twitter has revealed 2 core games in development for Sony’s motion device. One of the games in fact has been confirmed to feature not only move support but also 3D support.

The tweet in question comes from Danny Bilson, Studio Chief over at THQ and it reads:

“Two Core games coming on Move. One is a hybrid with Move and 3D.”

And that is really it in a nutshell. This could be anything from brand new IP’s to existing franchises adding Move support to their next installment. There is also a reveal sure to happen for Guillermo del Toro’s first game at the VGA’s so could this possibly be supporting Move and/or 3D? Either way this is great news for PS3 and Move fans and we will clue you in once we find out what they might be.