PlayStation Rewards Quest Guide

December 8, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Recently, we reported on the expansion of the PlayStation Rewards program and the addition of “Quests” for its users to complete to help advance their rank. While this is great news for those of us without the funds to raise their levels with video game purchases, one must still know how to achieve their “Quest”. Fret not as we have the gamer’s guide to success for the first set of PlayStation Rewards Quests.

The list of Quests can be found on the official PlayStation website. To make things easier and less frustrating, we have listed each Quest with detailed instructions to ensure completion the first time around. Don’t worry, we read the fine print so you don’t have to.

  • Check Your Pulse
  • Download PULSE in HD on your PS3™ system

    Simply download the latest episode of Pulse, in high definition, off of the PlayStation Store.

  • Click It
  • Learn more by clicking through in 5 different emails from PlayStation®.

    Click through five different marketing emails that come from SCE.

  • Demo Down
  • Download and play 5 game demos from PlayStation®Store.

    Self-explanatory. Download and play five game demos downloaded off of the PlayStation Store while connected to the Internet the whole time.

  • Move It
  • Play any eligible PlayStation®Move game (see FAQ).

    Requires players to play a PlayStation Move title. Eligible titles include: Beat Sketcher, EyePet, Kung Fu Rider, Sports Champions, Start The Party!, Tumble, The Fight: Lights Out, and The Shoot. The PS3 MUST be connected to the Internet.

  • Movie Maniac
  • Rent or buy a movie from Playstation®Store.

    Simply head over to the video store on the PS3, PSP, or PC and rent a movie starting at $1.99 or purchase one.

  • No Place Like Home
  • Go to PlayStation®Home and visit the Central Plaza.

    Hop into the PS3’s one and only virtual online community and navigate your avatar over to the Central Plaza.

  • Read It and Reap
  • Read 10 emails from PlayStation®.

    Presumably requires the PSN user to click through at least ten marketing emails. This Quest is most likely regarding the same type of emails as the ‘Click It’ Quest.

  • Share the Play
  • Place your portable ID on 5 websites.

    Grab the HTML code for the subjective PSN account’s portable ID and use it on at least five websites. MUST be placed on websites. Why not start with the PlayStation LifeStyle forums?

  • Speak Your Mind
  • Review 5 games on

    Simply navigate to and review five PlayStation titles. What the description fails to mention is that each review must be rated as “Helpful” by at least two users, from the community, per review.

Completion of each Quest can be viewed on this website, on, along with each new Quest that comes along. While there are obviously some flaws to the system in place, keep in mind that this is a beta phase for PlayStation Plus and GAP members before the US public release of the PlayStation Rewards program.