Dirt 3 Hits the Compound

December 17, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Codemasters has released many racing games over the past few years, and none more popular than the Dirt franchise. The first Dirt took rally games to a whole new level, with its beautiful courses, and even more beautiful cars. Then Dirt 2 released, and improved every aspect over the first one, and garnered plenty of praise from us. Now, with Dirt 3 on the horizon we get a glimpse of a new area to have some fun in.

The first two Dirt’s focused mostly on the racing aspect, and what it did do was done very well. Now, judging by the latest trailer, Dirt 3 will be adding some of the freestyle aspects to the arsenal.  Today, we got a trailer showing off a new area called the DC Compound. In the trailer we see Ken Block racing around the DC Compound, sliding around tight corners, under tractor trailers, and generally just living on the edge. Even better is at the end of the trailer we get confirmation that it will be releasing sometime in 2011.

As for now, no other information is known, but as we approach the very vague release date we will no doubt receive even more info.

Check out the full trailer below: