Cross Game Chat – Episode 20

It is finally 2011 so there’s no better way to say hello to the new year than with a new edition of Cross Game Chat, the official podcast of PlayStation LifeStyle. The ball has dropped and the champagne has been passed around, so sit back and enjoy the podcast below.


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The gang of Cross Game Chat, lead by Paulmichael and followed by Cameron, Josh, and Allen decide to look into their crystal ball for their 2011 thoughts and predictions. The guys go over their most wanted feature for the PS3, genre to have the biggest impact in 2011, and extremely early Game of the Year predictions. Not everything is future-centric though, as a look back to 2010 is involved and PMC again confirms to the world that he is far behind in his movie watching. So grab your headphones and tune in for the hottest thing yet in 2011.