Vudu 3D En Route to PS3

January 6, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Sony is leading the way into 3D entertainment territory through numerous means, and now they can add yet another to their multifaceted market.  Announced at the Consumer Entertainment Show in Las Vegas, Vudu will being streaming 3D movies next week to all Vudu and 3D capable devices.  Of course this includes the epic home entertainment console, PlayStation 3.

Edward Lichty, Vudu’s General Manager stated:

We are proud to be a leader in the delivery of 3D movies.   Our launch of 3D today is another example of our commitment to deliver the best home entertainment experience available anywhere.

For those of you lucky enough to already own a 3D TV this should be great news, and for the rest it’s yet another reason to keep saving all we can for the next TV upgrade.  The number of movies and games available in 3D are limited, and hopefully this will expand the current repertoire.  Vudu hasn’t made any announcements about just how much content that will be, but apparently the service will continue to add 3D capable content all through out the year.  The content that is provided will be available at all three current resolutions (480p, 720p, and 1080p) and won’t require any extra bandwidth than 2D movies that are already available.

Just like when HDTV first arrived on the scene, one of the biggest obstacles for pushing 3D into the home has been the lacking content as the technology is released.  3D TV has the additional challenge of following very closely on the heels of HDTV being popularized, so many are hesitant to make the plunge due to expenses and skepticism of the technology.  With the introduction of this service that will be available to all PS3 owners, Vudu looks to knock down some of those barriers in the coming year.  What do you think?  Will this service be useful to current 3D TV owners, and a further temptation to warrant a purchase of a 3D TV, or is it just a vain attempt to push another expense on consumers?