Possibility of Torchlight on the PS3 Looking Grim

January 9, 2011Written by Adam Wolfe

Torchlight took the PC world by storm when it released late in 2009. Offering a Diablo-style of dungeon crawling and loot collecting, it was an instant success. Now, with the 360 release on the horizon, PS3 owners want to know when will it come to PSN.

Earlier this week, at CES, it was announced that Torchlight would be coming to the 360 next month, unfortunately PS3 owners were left without any word of it coming our way. Sadly, today on Runic Games official forums, we received some unfortunate news.

When a member of the forums asked the question if it would be coming to the PSN,  Runic staff member travisbaldree had this to say:

No PS3 plans to speak of. Microsoft is acting as the publisher on this one. And given how much work it was to get one console game done, I’m a little relieved we didn’t attempt both platforms at once anyway :)

From the looks of that statement, we won’t be seeing Torchlight on the PSN anytime soon. Although, if you read the last part again, he did say he was glad they didn’t attempt both platforms at once, so that could simply mean they will start work on the PS3 version after the release of the 360 version. Either way it will be quite sometime until PS3 fans will see Torchlight come our way.