SOE Patches DC Universe Online’s Superhero Cape

January 14, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

Even though DC Universe Online was only released this past week Sony Online Entertainment are hard at work on improvements. Along with adding 2 additional servers, patch 1.02 was just released and makes several improvements upon the game.

The patch offers these improvements for the title:

All versions

  • General: Added some client performance optimizations.
  • Alerts: At the end of Area 51 players should now always find themselves in the same final boss instance as the rest of their group.
  • Missions: In the Pest Control mission, Queen Bee has lost her ability to teleport through walls thus preventing player’s from defeating her.
  • UI: Elements of the UI should no longer be visible during cutscenes.
  • UI: After shape changing the style tab should no longer have “N/A” appearance slots.

PS3 Only

  • Gameplay: Addressed an issue where players could occasionally fall through the world when zoning or moving around the cities.
  • General: Improved client performance and stability.
  • Missions: What’s the only thing worse than running into your character’s nemesis in game? Running into a door that won’t open. Players should no longer be foiled by those dastardly doors not opening in instances.