PSN Stacking up in February

Double Fine will be bringing out their next downloadable title, Stacking, next month. Stacking is a unique adventure game with Russian stacking dolls as the characters.

Stacking‘s lead protagonist is Charlie Blackmore, a young chimney sweep who is the smallest of all the dolls in his world. The game is set in miniaturized vintage world, and has a charming Victorian art style. When Charlie’s family is forced into hard labor by the evil Baron, he must set out to save his family, and prove that despite his small stature he is still useful. This is where the core game mechanic of our young hero’s adventure comes in.

Since Charlie is smaller than all the other dolls, he is able to hop inside the other larger dolls. He can only do this when they are facing away from him, but if done successfully he can use them to acquire special abilities. He will need to use this to his advantage in order to progress through the game and pass its varied challenges. One such situation he may use a particular character to release an odor, causing dolls to leave and clear a path they previously blocked. There are multiple solutions to each situation, and players will be rewarded for exploring them all.

Stacking releases on the PlayStation Network February 8th, and will cost $14.99. Will you be downloading this interesting title when it releases?