A New Contender for PS Move Pistols Releasing Soon

Do you like to play shooting games with your PlayStation Move controller, but are dissatisfied with both Sony’s official gun peripherals and third-party offerings? Well another company by the name of Blaze has stepped up and is hoping you’ll buy their take on the accessory instead.

Blaze Europe Ltd. announced their own Move gun accessory, shown above, it has a much darker-tone than the official Sony offering, and may appeal to those looking for a slightly more realistic look to their motion controller attachments. Access to the controller’s buttons is still allowed, so the main reason for buying this over the other offerings really comes down to personal tastes.

Jason Cooper, Chairman of Blaze Europe commented:

The PS3 Move is the perfect platform for shooting games. Our new PS3 Move gun will bring together the highly accurate position sensing technology of the PS3 Move, with the action, look and feel of a futuristic gun, making for a very realistic gaming experience.

The Blaze accessory will be available towards the end of February in Europe for £9.99 (~$16 USD).