Firmware 3.60 To Bring Heavenly Game Save Feature

January 29, 2011Written by Kishen Patel

Before the release of the PlayStation Plus, subscription-based service for the PlayStation Network, rumors regarding the service’s feature set ranged from the obvious perks, such as perks on the PlayStation Store, to the novelty features, like automatic downloading. While only a handful of the expected features came to fruition, one of the more exciting of the anticipated concepts is ready for deployment for PlayStation Plus users.

Cloud storage of video game save files is scheduled to release along with the next PS3 firmware version 3.60 update. With this update, PlayStation Plus users will finally be able to upload save data of games to the PlayStation Network server for remote storage, providing for easy access by the user between multiple PS3’s. Known as “Online Storage”, the feature can even be used to easily backup protected save files without the need to use the backup utility (which, prior to the upcoming firmware 3.60, was the only way) provided that the developers grant access for this feature.

Since firmware update 3.56 just hit, we imagine version 3.60 will hit in the coming weeks. As always, stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle for the latest news on firmware updates and more.