Anarchy Reigns is full of Bull

News has started to arrive almost daily for Atsushi Inaba’s Max Anarchy or, as it’s being called in the west, Anarchy Reigns, the online brawler from Platinum Games. The latest character reveal shows that Atsushi Inaba has an incredibly unique world planned for those who pick this multiplayer title up. It’s safe to say we may never have seen anything like this one.

If you thought the previous character — a 6’5, 330lb. ninja — wasn’t wild enough, then get ready for something even more different: Big Bull. Big Bull is truly a huge, powerful beast, who wields a Jet Hammer that’s probably right behind Thor’s Mjöllnir for sheer brute strength. The bio provided on Big Bull raises more questions than it answers:

Name: Big Bull

Age: 4 (Years since brain transfer.

Biological age at transfer: 31)

Height: 2.88 meters / 9’4”

Weight: 1300 kg. / 2866 lbs.

Species: Cybrid (Brain is only remaining organic tissue)

Weapon: Jet Hammer: By releasing the safety locks

restraining the Bull suit’s propulsion system,

the engine becomes a giant hammer.

With the level of creativity we’ve seen thus far, who knows what’s coming next.