Dark Souls Website Is Now Live

Many thought Demon’s Souls would never succeed commercially because of the high difficulty level – with one wrong move meaning that you pretty much had to start over. However, the game broke all sales expectations, with rave reviews contributing to strong word of mouth, as a game that gave an actual sense of accomplishment resonated with the gaming audience. From Software’s newest title, Dark Souls, is looking to continue the trend, upping the ante with even harder difficulty.

Though little is actually known about the title, it has been stated by many that the game is set to be harder than Demon’s Souls. Some sources are also describing the game as a successor to Demon’s Souls, but there is no word on if they are actually connected.

The website for Dark Souls is now live, with gamers able to choose their preferred language of either Japanese or English. There are several sections that are not selectable, with the only choice currently available being the option to view the trailer that has already been released, but it will be interesting to see what they add in the future.