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WipEout NGP Uses WipEout HD Engine

During the unveil of the NGP, Sony Computer Entertainment announced a whole slew of signature franchises including Resistance, Killzone, Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, and even Uncharted. One famous franchise that has been present in every PlayStation platform to date is the WipEout series which, at least on the PlayStation 3, has been known for pushing their respective system’s to the limit. When it comes to the NGP, we may have already seen exactly how the game is set to look.

During a presentation in London at the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe headquarters, a group of developers were given the privilege to see the NGP development kit in action. One demonstration that undoubtedly caught everyone’s eye was WipEout for the NGP. According to representatives at SCEE, the development team was able to get the WipEout HD PS3 engine running in its raw state on the NGP development kit.

The WipEout HD PS3 engine running on PS3 with no changes to the art platform. That means full resolution, full 60fps. It looks exactly the same as it does on PS3—all the shader effects are in there.

When Sony made the bold claim of the NGP being able to sport PS3 graphics on the handheld during the PlayStation 2011 meeting, many were skeptical of this feat happening. But with developments like these already in existence in the hands of developers, it is hard not to believe that gamers will soon be able to take the power of the PS3 on the go.