miniS Review – AquAttack!

Valcon Games has released its newest miniS on the PlayStation 3 with the title AquAttack! The game is a puzzler that offers a simple pick up and play style. But when dealing with the fact that there are so many different titles that are within the same genre, especially in the miniS section of the PlayStation Network, is it really worth giving it a look?

There are a total of 2 game modes packaged into this title. AquAttack! offers both a traditional arcade mode, as well as a challenge mode for experienced players to take on.

To progress in the game, players will find their screen filled with various colors of fish. It is their job to align those fish of the same color together. By aligning three or more, it will cause a chain reaction to where they will disappear. Continuing to do so will result in a combo score, as well as a chain reaction if the fish happen to fall to where another three are lined up together. So essentially, it is your job to build up huge combos as you take chains of fish out, that is if you are skilled enough to string them together.

The graphics and sound are similar to a lot of puzzle titles out there, and they offer a aqua based theme within the game. Overall, they are nothing spectacular, but are suitable for a puzzle game. Though some may complain that they look a little too “cartoonish” when first seeing the graphics.

AquAttack! users will find themselves entertained for a short bit of time, which is exactly what a player should be looking for when picking up a PlayStation miniS title. It does its job, but doesn’t go above and beyond to give that wow factor that we have seen in the past from other titles in the same genre. Though, this is still one of the better puzzle titles offered from the miniS selection on the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

+ Frantic gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

+ The huge amount of challenges will keep you playing this puzzler for a long time.

– Lack of great visuals and modes holds this one back from being a top mini available.

5 out of 10