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NGP is “the thing” says Ready at Dawn

The NGP (PSP2) has been a very popular topic amongst developers and publishers since its announcement January 27th. Now, one of the most-successful PSP developers, Ready at Dawn, has professed their love for Sony’s upcoming handheld.

Speaking at this past weeks DICE summit, creative director Ru Weerasuriya had nothing but glowing praise for the NGP.

I have a smile on my face whenever we talk about the NGP because I think overall that console has the potential to really define what portable gaming is.

You know, we did that also with the PS3 and all that, but the NGP — not only with the touch screen capability, but the screen, and just the capacity of actually making a game that’s probably better than PS3 games that you can make right now — for me, it’s like the thing. For portable gaming I don’t think there’s anything else in the future.

Ready at Dawn developed both God of War PSP games and also Daxter, a Jak spin-off. The NGP is looking better everyday with what looks to be plenty of support for the handheld.