Get More Icing on Your Cake, Pre-Order Portal 2

We already know that the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 is going to be the best version available when it releases, and it seems that the only thing to make this even better is pre-order bonuses!

Since we’re so sure that many of you already planning on picking up what looks like another phenomenal game from Valve, it seems like a good idea to sort out the pre-order business now. It only seems appropriate to make an educated decision when purchasing a game that will require as much brain function as Portal 2 will. Thus we have lined up a list of known pre-order incentives being offered by retailers for the PlayStation 3 version of the game. – $5 credit towards another purchase from Amazon (slightly different from the usual credit towards next video game)

GameStop – $5 off the game, and exclusive skins for co-op robots Atlas and P-body

GAME – £10.00 off the RRP – £10.10 off the RRP

So it’s mostly just a matter of getting the game for a little less money, or decking out your bots in some stylish outfits. In case you’re still unsure about pre-ordering Portal 2, don’t forget that the PS3 version will get more updates, let players customize and share levels, and comes with a free steam version as well. Besides all of that, hopefully it’ll just be flat out fun! Which pre-order bonus will you be getting when Portal 2 releases this April?