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NGP, Xperia PLAY, And Now A PlayStation Tablet?

Note: The above image is just an artist’s mock up. The device is said to look much different.

The Xperia PLAY is trying to take a bite out of the iPhone’s stranglehold over the mobile gaming market. The NGP is Sony’s line of defense against the Nintendo 3DS in the handheld gaming realm. But just how will Sony counter the iPad? With a PlayStation Certified tablet of their own, of course!

Sony is said to be developing a tablet — codenamed S1– that’s likely to be positioned under the Sony VAIO brand. The 9.4 inch tablet will be focused around the PlayStation Network’s sister service, Qriocity, and feature functionality from a number of Sony’s other brands like the E-Reader, PlayStation and Sony Ericsson.

On top of being the ultimate all-in-one device, it’s said to feature Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), Google’s latest Android OS version that’s made specifically for tablets. Though, Sony is also said to be reworking Honeycomb to have a special Sony skin (IE: Motoblur, but for Sony products).

It will come preloaded with PSOne titles, be PlayStation Suite compatible and feature an IR port to work as a Bravia media remote.

The price is claimed to be similar to that of the iPad and the device will ship around September.

Sony is really coming at the mobile market from all angles. Wouldn’t you say? We’ll keep you informed if any new information arises on this Sony-fan’s wet dream.