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Bizarre Bids Farewell to The Gaming World with Final Tribute Video

Recently, we reported that Bizarre Creations, a development studio owned by Activision, was on its last leg and would soon be closing its doors; that day has unfortunately come, and the folks at Bizarre are bidding adieu to gamers far and wide with a closing tribute video.

The video showcases titles such as Project Gotham Racing 4, The Club, and James Bond 007: Blood Stone. Outside of these titles, Bizarre has had their hands in just about everything, from Fur Fighters on the Dreamcast, to the newly revamped Geometry Wars titles, the company certainly had a presence across many consoles and genres, and brought fun and enjoyment to many gamers.

We salute Bizarre Creations for their efforts over the past seventeen years, and look forward to seeing what new projects the former employees, now free from the shackles of Activision, embark upon.