United Kingdom Wants Nothing to Do With NASCAR 2011; Wish Granted

NASCAR has inspired several video game developers to embody the sport in the virtual world, but developer Eutechnyx has been hard at work making one of the most realistic simulators on the market. Applicably titled NASCAR The Game: 2011, the game has been designed with fans in mind, and will include the two most important elements in the sport: neck-breaking speed, and big crashes. Unfortunately, if you’re a fan residing in the UK, you might just have to import this one.

If you live in the United Kingdom and are afraid that NASCAR The Game: 2011 might eject Gran Turismo 5 from your PlayStation 3 next month, fear no longer. MCV confirmed yesterday that NASCAR 2011 will no longer be coming to the UK next month.

America’s favorite past time, NASCAR (okay, maybe fourth of fifth favorite…), has never been particularly popular outside of the United States, so this move isn’t the least bit shocking. It looks like for now British car enthusiasts are stuck with Gran Turismo 5 . Oh, the horror.

NASCAR The Game: 2011 will be released in North America on March 29th, 2011, a short departure from its initial planned date in February.