First Look at Skyrim Incoming Soon

The fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series is coming out later this year, but our first real look at it is coming much, much sooner.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most hotly anticipated RPG’s of the year, and our first look at it is coming within a few hours. With a whole new game engine and our first encounter among the mythical dragons foretold in legends of past games, it’s set to push the bar in every way. Recently a countdown timer was posted showing us precisely when this preview will arrive. There’s also a foreboding background to whet your appetite in the meantime.

Each game in The Elder Scrolls series has had a major prophesied event which foretold the return of the dragons, most recently the opening of the Gates of Oblivion. Skyrim is set during a civil war, the last event foretold to occur before the return of the supreme dragon, Alduin. These events, among all the improvements the team is making to the combat, menus, and overall gameplay, all point to Skyrim being the climax of the entire series thus far. We can’t wait to take control of the last of the Dragonborn, so we’ll definitely keep you updated when the timer runs out!