Fireburst Blazing Trails to PSN this Summer

March 2, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

A new racing game has been announced for the PlayStation Network –Fireburst will be cruising onto the service later this year.

The new game is developed by Zoo Entertainment, and will be bringing action packed racing filled with customizable options and special class based powers. 16 different vehicles are split into four categories: Buggies, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Offroader/4×4. Each car in each class has one of four fireboost powers, called Fireball, Firewheels, Firewall and Fireblast. No real details on the powers were given beyond that, but it’s easy to speculate given the straight forward sounding names. All the action will take place across 15 different levels, encompassing areas such as “airfields, docks, oil rigs, sewers, refineries, warehouses and waterfalls.” Mark Seremet, Zoo CEO also had this to say about it:

Fireburst is a game unlike anything we’ve delivered before. We hope to challenge the most avid racing gamers by offering enhanced customizations, multiplayer functionality and a dynamic array of cars and characters. Its unique concept, intense gameplay and stunning graphics are sure to excite even the most veteran gamers.

All the vehicles in the game will have customizable appearances, resulting in over 250 different skins to choose from, as well as 16 crazy characters to control. Online multiplayer will be available, as well as local 4 player split screen allowing competition with friends near and far. Fireburst will cost $9.99 when it releases later this summer for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Check out the video and images below, and let us know what you think of the new pyromaniac racing title.