Winners of the 2011 PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards Announced

When the PlayStation Network’s Spring Fever sales was announced, the PlayStation Store seasonal sales event gave the discounting scheme a special spin to decide what users will be able to purchase at a discount. As soon as the Spring Fever campaign was kicked off, voting begun for the first-ever PlayStation Network Gamer’s Choice Awards.

On top of hosting the “Gamer’s Choice Award” ceremony, the winners out of all the nominated downloadable titles would be granted privileged pricing of 30% off for everyone and 50% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Now that the voting period is over, the list of winning, and therefore discounted, games has sprung from the Spring Fever Choice Awards. Here are the winners:

  • Age of Zombies (Best minis)
  • Castle Crashers (Best PSN)
  • Dead Nation ( Best PSN Exclusive)
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta (Best PSP)

Undoubtedly one of the best deals on this list is God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP since the added price-cut to the downloadable version makes the full-fledged title an even more attractive purchase, especially over the retail UMD copy. Of course, all these titles are downloadable via the US PlayStation Store and will be discounted after tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update by 30% and 50% for PlayStation Plus subscribers. All considered must-haves, this spring is a great time to cash in on some serious bang for your buck.

What are you picking up on the PlayStation Store during the Spring Fever? Tell us in the comments section below.