Gravitate Toward Rochard with Debut Trailer

March 8, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

For Rochard, gravity is a friend, and we can see why in the debut trailer of the upcoming PSN puzzle platformer.

The PlayStation Network has a strong line up of fun looking games for this spring, and among them is Rochard. The game is based around John Rochard, an astro miner who is about to become a man on a mission. When his crew mysteriously disappears and space bandits subsequently attack, Rochard must use the tools at hand to fight back and rescue his friends. Specifically he’ll be using the G-Lifter, a gravity gun that should seem very familiar to those who have played Valve’s Half Life 2. It seems this will be the core concept of the game, and thanks to a debut trailer we can get a glimpse of the variety of ways it can be used.

Besides simply lifting a throwing objects across a room, we can also see how clever use will repel John, giving him an extra boost for his jumps. Additionally, boxes can be used as shields to repel bullets, and subsequently as weapons to be launched into an enemy’s cranium. Rochard will be making his gravitational impact to the PSN later this spring, and so far the title looks rather promising.