Free Realms Gets a Release Date

March 11, 2011Written by Adam Wolfe

Free Realms released on PC almost two years ago, and was originally supposed to release on the PS3 soon there after. For better or worse, SOE decided to hold off on the release of the PS3 version, so that they could offer more to players when it did finally release. Although there has been no word of a release date, most gamers knew it would be coming soon, and today we got word on exactly how soon that would be.

Sony Online Entertainment have announced that gamers will be able to get their hands on the free-to-play MMO,  Free Realms, in just under three weeks, on March 29th.

Free Realms takes a different approach than most MMO’s, by allowing players to forgo combat all together, and instead focus on exploration, building, pet-raising, mini-games and social networking. By offering these options, as well as combat, Free Realms hopes to appeal to many different gamers.

With DC Universe Online already selling well on the PS3, and Free Realms offering a free-to-play structure, do you think it can be successful as well, or is there only room for one popular MMO on the PS3?

For more information on Free Realms, check out our interview with Lead Designer Stephen Bokkes.