An Aerial Tour of NY with Prototype 2

March 13, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Prototype 2 has only teased us with a few minimal details so far, but a new video gives us a preview of what it may look like on release day, in a mildly humorous way.

Anyone that played the original Prototype should remember that one of the game’s main issues was graphical in nature. It had flat bland textures for much of the city, and just lacked detail in general. Objects popped up as you approached them, rather than being visible from a distance, which was especially annoying for anyone trying to grab all the collectibles in the game. However, at its core the game had a fun premise, with an incredible number of abilities to be learned. Among them was the power to absorb your enemies, allowing you to steal their memories, their abilities, and even the way they look in order to infiltrate various enemies. The good outweighed the bad, and enough sales were made to warrant a sequel, which looks like its going to fix the main problem with a major graphics overhaul.

While I wouldn’t want to take that tour myself due to an extreme fear of heights, it does look like incredible improvement has been made to the textures and lighting for round 2 of Prototype. Hopefully the controls will get cleaned up a little bit as well, and we’ll have a fun super powered game coming our way.

Are you interested in shifting shapes when Prototype 2 arrives next year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.