Ubisoft Gets Musicial, Announces Rocksmith

March 15, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

The music party may have ended over at Activision but Ubisoft’s party has just begun as today they have announced Rocksmith for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Many of you might be rolling your eyes at the thought of another guitar game but Ubisoft promises this one will be different. In fact, Rocksmith is for people wanting to actually learn how to play the guitar according to Ubisoft.

Speaking with hollywoodreporter, Ubisoft’s senior VP of marketing, Tony Key balked at comparisons to such franchises as Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero is a party game. Rocksmith is a music experience.

Rocksmith will come with a standard input jack that can plug most electric guitars into a PlayStation 3 and plays very similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band except that you will be strumming chords on actual guitar strings. The game is also said to learn your abilies as you play and tunes the game gently to help you progress and hone your skills.

The dream of playing guitar compared to how many follow through — there’s a big gap,” Key said. “We will create a new generation of guitar players.

Key also goes on to state that licensing will not be an issue as bands seem eager to align themselves with a game that provides benefits to aspiring guitar players and promises there will be songs not found on games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

No release date has been given yet but stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle as more news breaks on this game.