What Does Steam Guard Mean For The PS3?

March 16, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

At last year’s E3, PlayStation 3 owners were shocked to find out that not only was Portal 2 headed to Sony’s flagship console, but it would also feature Steam implementation. With the newest update of Steam, a new feature has been added that is known as Steam Guard. Steam Guard provides a new level of security for Steam users, but what does that mean for PlayStation 3 owners when Portal 2 is released?

When visiting the Steam support page about Steam Guard this is what it describes the service as:

Steam Guard is an additional level of security that can be applied to your Steam account. The first level of security on your account is your login credentials: your Steam account name and password. With Steam Guard, a second level of security is applied to your account, making it harder for your Steam account to fall into the wrong hands.

When Steam Guard is enabled on your account, anyone attempting to login to your Steam account from an unrecognized computer must provide additional authorization. A special access code will be sent to your contact email address, and this code must be entered into Steam before your login is complete.

Though this feature is implemented automatically and is a free feature, will it affect PlayStation 3 users that are trying to log in? According to the same support page this is what it had to say on the matter:

No, Steam Guard will not get in the way of your ability to access your Steam account through Portal 2 on the PS3, nor through partner sites that enable sign in via your Steam account credentials.

It is always nice to see new features implemented on the Steam client, and it’s also great that it will not hinder the experience for PS3 users when Portal 2 is finally released this upcoming April.