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Cliffy B Shows Love For NGP Dual Sticks

March 17, 2011Written by Staff

Shooters require fast-twitch mastery of your controller’s analog sticks (or if you’re a PC, keyboard and mouse). Nobody knows this better than Epic Games’ Cliff Blezinski, Design Director behind Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. That’s why he and other developers are praising the NGP for its inclusion of dual-analog sticks.

In a recent interview with PLAY magazine, Blezinski shed some light on his reasoning:

Dual-analogue touch-screen controls do not work. They’re fun for 15 seconds and then it’s just friction-burn.

He then complimented the upcoming NGP handheld from Sony:

As much as I love iPad and iPhone gaming, I’m glad to see a portable that has actual buttons and dual analogue on it.

Thanks to the NGP’s dual-analog sticks, games like Call of Duty and Uncharted, or possibly even Gears of War all could be done justice on the go — something not possible using the PSP’s analog nub and face buttons alone.