PSN To Be Greeted with Beyond Good & Evil HD Soon

March 19, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

Many PlayStation fans of the Beyond Good & Evil series were made frustrated when the HD remake released on Xbox Marketplace earlier this month. PS3 owners wondered when we would get a chance to finally play this great remastered title, and Ubisoft has finally provided an answer.

Ubisoft has stated that Beyond Good & Evil will be available for the PSN in May, along with a limited time bonus for early buyers. If you purchase the game within the first two weeks of release on the PlayStation Store, then you will get a bonus of two free avatars as well, which can be seen below:

As a sign of good fortune, we have a trailer aimed at PlayStation owners, which is the first trailer that we have seen with a PlayStation logo in it.

While this is a definite bonus for people that plan to buy the game, do you feel that it will drive sales for the title in those first two weeks, and do you plan to be one of those who buy it?