Kinect Hacked to Control PS3, Killzone 3

March 21, 2011Written by Max Murray

Microsoft’s Kinect has proven to the masses that when put to the test, the infrared 3D cameras and multiple condenser microphones have the ability to alter reality in realtime, and offer impressive user feedback that has seen multiple applications. Notably though, the majority of these applications come from outside Microsoft’s studio’s and have been created by brilliant individuals waiting for such high end technology to be delivered to the masses in a consumer grade product. So far, we’ve seen Kinect’s used to film in 3D,  allow robots to navigate obstacle laden environments, create real time lightsabers, and (of course) even been used to immediately detect breasts and alter them to your hearts content. Now, after  just a few months of life, the Kinect has done the unthinkable and officially betrayed it’s master to form a most unprecedented alliance.

One of the many mod masters for the Kinect, Shantanu Goel, has allegedly developed a code for the Kinect to work almost seemlessly with a PlayStation 3. Not only can he navigate through the XMB, selecting and scrolling with a wave and a push, but he even launches into Killzone 3 to control a game in first person. The controls in game look a little messy, especially as he attempts to keep the multiple required inputs (camera, shooting and navigating) all separate with singular hand motions. Keep in mind that Goel has said this is his pre-alpha state; he’s still working on perfecting it, and we’re willing to bet that if there’s a way to get the controls working, this is the guy that’ll do it. Check out his demo below and let us know what you think.